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CHURCH OPINION: Marriage proposal; Should I inform my pastor?

Since marriage is a life long, irreversible relationship, the stage of securing the consent of the would - be partner known as proposal is very important. Marital relationship should not be based on assumption, it has to be definite; the... Continue Reading →


Among we believers in the world today, there are various reactions to the term “prophecy”. Some believes that there is no need for prophecy in our generation because Jesus has done away with the law and the prophets and for... Continue Reading →


Tongue Speaking Brother, don't deceive yourself! I once remembered transgressing against God's command on one note and I felt so high, that I was speaking in tongues, shortly after I acknowledge my Sin. But, It doesn't end there... Acknowledgement without... Continue Reading →

World Christian Headlines today 

The Fulani Herdsmen are Muslims  An interview with Prophet T.B Joshua Overlap on Persecution Lists Reveals Danger for Christians Christian Student Group Wins Victory in Court after being Banned from University of Iowa Ex-Muslim Leads 1,500 Muslims to Christ Unreached... Continue Reading →

World Church News Headlines today

How the Queen — the ‘last Christian monarch’ — has made faith her message Pastor Tunde Bakare reaffirms God's Word to Him as Nigeria's President Over 50 People were murdered says CAN Chairman  Ten Commandments Monument Attracts Texas Shoppers, Not... Continue Reading →

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