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Benny Hinn forsees the crash of Islamic agenda in Nigeria

Pastor Benny Hinn has declared that the purpose of Islam in Nigeria shall be defeated in two years time.

Christian convert murdered by his Muslim family over Facebook post

Social media has become a handy tool for Islamic extremists to use against Christians.

Egypt arrests students for mocking Christianity Online

Four students were arrested by the Egyptian authorities for mocking Christian rites in an online video. The authorities ordered them to be kept in custody for four days. The university students were accused of being in “contempt of the Christian... Continue Reading →

Pakistan: Asia Bibi receives freedom after 8years of imprisonment

Asia Bibi, a Christian mother-of-five, is free after eight years in prison over an argument with Muslim women about drinking from a bucket of water. Pakistan’s top court cleared the last legal hurdle and gave Asia Bibi the liberty to... Continue Reading →

Declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital; A Blessing or a Curse?

"​It is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. This is a long overdue step to advance the peace process and to work towards a lasting agreement" declared President Donald Trump on the 6th of December in... Continue Reading →

Islam’s population to outnumber Christian’s

Islam is set to overtake Christianity as the world's largest religion by 2070, a report has revealed. Research found the world's Muslim population will have soared by 73 per cent between 2010 and 2050, compared to just a 35 per... Continue Reading →

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