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OPINION: Did you ask God?

God still orders the steps of those who submit to Him. Learn more!

OPINION: Have you ever wished you were someone else?

God is not purposeless, He has created every man to be a god(An authority, a representative of Himself) ; so, pick up the real person God wants you to be and shine in your place not coveting others. Read more!

CHURCH OPINION: Do you believe that God is everywhere?

This report presents the acknowledgement of the omnipresent nature of God as a solution to the constantly increasing level of lawlessness in the world today. People's opinion about their understanding of this nature of God is included. Read and add your opinion as a comment. Thanks.

CHURCH OPINION: Marriage proposal; Should I inform my pastor?

Since marriage is a life long, irreversible relationship, the stage of securing the consent of the would - be partner known as proposal is very important. Marital relationship should not be based on assumption, it has to be definite; the... Continue Reading →

CHURCH OPINION: The love of God or the fear of God – Which comes first?

Love is an intense feeling of affection and care towards another person. Fear in this context is either an unpleasant feeling of danger or awe. The worship, the praise, the respect, the tithe, the offering, and countless number of things... Continue Reading →

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