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My cry is still the same, today and tomorrow until I see my child -leah Sharibu’s Mum

Leah Sharibu's Mum congratulates president Muhammadu Buhari, She said the president should fulfil his promise to her family in this new tenure. Read more!

Anglican Bishop begs Nigerians, urges them to accept President Buhari as God’s will

Diocesan Bishop of the Diocese of Lagos (Anglican Communion), Rt, Rev. Humphrey Olumakaiye has urged all Nigerians to accept the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari as God’s intention. He said this on Sunday at the diocesan rally which was part... Continue Reading →

CHURCH OPINION : Marriage partner; Is there a specific partner for the individual?

God himself conceived the idea of marriage. Marriage is meant to provide a suitable help for the God given purpose of the man. The issue of knowing God’s intention as per marriage partner is not a small matter but the... Continue Reading →

Street preacher arrested for preaching Jesus

An unnamed street preacher was told to “go away” before police arrested him for “breaching the peace” According to WND, he was standing outside the Southgate Station London N14, when two police officers asked him what he was doing and... Continue Reading →

‘Christian witches’ is getting followers, see what the concept means and what the Bible says

someone said the Bible is a book of sorcery and that all Jesus did was magic. This fellow is getting more followers. She is preparing to hold her first convention which will certainly deceive many. This post examines her belief in the light of the scriptures. Read more!

A Christian beheaded because of his faith

A Christian evangelical man was beheaded in Orissa because of his faith. Shibu Thomas, The founder of the Persecution Relief network that deals with defending discriminated Christians in India, Shibu Thomas said. Asia news reported that: Anant Ram Gand, the... Continue Reading →

CHURCH OPINION : Nigeria decides; Christians what next?

There will be no need for election if everyone has decided to cast their weight behind a man. The diversity in the choice of a representative as well as the system of government being practised makes voting a must. Though... Continue Reading →

Accept the outcome of this election-WBC tells politicians

The World Bishops’ Council (WBC) Africa urges stakeholders in the Nigeria’s 2019 polls to ensure that the election is credible, politicians were also pleaded with to accept the result in the spirit of workmanship. The Council’s spokesman for Africa, Bishop... Continue Reading →

Ex Muslim mother, beaten, raped and threatened for converting to Christianity

A former Muslim and mother of four was recently beaten, raped, and threatened with death for her conversion to Christianity. The Somali native moved to Kenya's Ifo refugee camp after being sent by her husband in 2016. The woman and... Continue Reading →

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