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The Fulani Herdsmen are Muslims  An interview with Prophet T.B Joshua Overlap on Persecution Lists Reveals Danger for Christians Christian Student Group Wins Victory in Court after being Banned from University of Iowa Ex-Muslim Leads 1,500 Muslims to Christ Unreached... Continue Reading →

World Christian Headlines Today

Pope Francis Message For World Communications Day Atheist Organization Targets White House Bible Study Churches in France encourage ecological conversion Bolivia’s President Revokes Evangelism Restrictions One in every 12 Christians faces extreme persecution — World Watch List 2018 Do not... Continue Reading →

World Christian Headlines today 

CAC factions finally embraces peace Trump Designates $55 Million to Help Christians, Religious Minorities Rebuild in Iraq World Watch List for Persecuted Christians Globally  Nigeria Ranks 14 On Countries Where Christians Are Persecuted Most Atheist Group Forces Louisiana Sheriff's Office... Continue Reading →

World Christian Headlines Today 

ONE CORNER DANCE: A 'NO' Dance in the Church  Facebook Removes Christian page 'Warriors for Christ' Charismatic Renewel Leader dies at 89 Unreached of the day Urgent request from the Field Kentucky May Become First Abortion-Free State Former Muslim Issues... Continue Reading →

World Christian Headlines today 

Top 5 Riches Pastors 2017: Forbes ranking Paula White Urges Followers to Sow 'First Fruits' Offering of Up to 1 Month's Pay or Suffer 'Consequences' ISIS at War with Hamas Following Trump’s Jerusalem Decision Two Jews beaten and forced to convert... Continue Reading →

World Church News Headlines today

How the Queen — the ‘last Christian monarch’ — has made faith her message Pastor Tunde Bakare reaffirms God's Word to Him as Nigeria's President Over 50 People were murdered says CAN Chairman  Ten Commandments Monument Attracts Texas Shoppers, Not... Continue Reading →

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