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This category gathers opinion of Christians across the globe of issues that directly relates to Christianity. it holds once in a week and is anchored by Omoyeni Alice

CHURCH OPINION : how do I know God’s Will in the choice of a marriage partner?

The grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation to all men; this salvation is available in all aspect of human life, marriage not excluded.In the world today, a large number of believers desires to do the will of God in... Continue Reading →

CHURCH OPINION : marriage partner; Can I marry any Christian?

Getting it right in the choice of marriage partner is very crucial for every individual who will successfully fulfil God’s mandate upon his or her life, it is as well a very crucial step in marriage. God instituted marriage and... Continue Reading →

CHURCH OPINION : Marriage partner; Is there a specific partner for the individual?

God himself conceived the idea of marriage. Marriage is meant to provide a suitable help for the God given purpose of the man. The issue of knowing God’s intention as per marriage partner is not a small matter but the... Continue Reading →

CHURCH OPINION : Nigeria decides; Christians what next?

There will be no need for election if everyone has decided to cast their weight behind a man. The diversity in the choice of a representative as well as the system of government being practised makes voting a must. Though... Continue Reading →

It is wrong to evangelize – Half of the Christian millennials

some set of Christians strongly believes it is wrong and also not necessary to share the gospel with people of other faith.

CHURCH OPINION: The love of God or the fear of God – Which comes first?

Love is an intense feeling of affection and care towards another person. Fear in this context is either an unpleasant feeling of danger or awe. The worship, the praise, the respect, the tithe, the offering, and countless number of things... Continue Reading →

CHURCH OPINION : ELECTION- should a Christian Vote a non-Christian into government?

According to the scriptures, God’s desire is to make His children dominate Dominating in Nigeria today has being somehow winged to those holding political office and this is made possible through the process of Election. Meanwhile, wining an Election requires... Continue Reading →

CHURCH OPINION : AMEN! – How do I use it correctly?

Prayer is a general, lifelong exercise. It is believed to depict speaking with God. The term Amen is often used after a prayer, this term is very common among Christians; even the non-Christians are not an alien of it. Scarcely... Continue Reading →

CHURCH OPINION: God, Sin and Men – Is God counting sin against us?

The love and good intentions God has for mankind made Him create every other things before making man. The same love made Him reconcile with man after the break up in the garden of Eden. This week, the act of... Continue Reading →

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