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And when it was told me that the Jews lay in wait for the man, I sent him immediately to you…….(Acts 23:30 Nkjv) This was the content of the letter of the Roman Army Commander to Governor Felix, the most... Continue Reading →

How God delivered me from Masturbation – Concluding part 

In continuation of my testimony from part one; What a great experience to be free, I became happy to be called a Christian, and I could say that indeed Christ could save. With a consciousness that I am crucified with Christ,... Continue Reading →

How God delivered me from Masturbation 

​My Testimony As a young boy of 12/13 years I was unfortunate to watch porn on a visit to a friend, he was alone at home watching it, so I joined, just that once made me have this desire to... Continue Reading →


Tongue Speaking Brother, don't deceive yourself! I once remembered transgressing against God's command on one note and I felt so high, that I was speaking in tongues, shortly after I acknowledge my Sin. But, It doesn't end there... Acknowledgement without... Continue Reading →

SEX CAN WAIT – ZIP that thing UP! 

Dear unmarried Brother, I understand how it does the male folk. I know there are times you just feel like releasing. I can relate how difficult it can be as a male, especially when you are in your "period" 😀.... Continue Reading →

Not all Christians are CHRISTIANS 

…….. And the disciples were called christians first in Antioch.  Christians are those who are Christ like, those who talk, act and relate in the same manner Jesus would have done, they are people from which we can mirror Christ;... Continue Reading →

You have not been Perfect 

Early this morning (mid night) I was asking Jesus about my State in Him and I heard Him say "Your works have not been perfect" He then referred me to Rev 3:1-4. As I read those verses of the Scriptures... Continue Reading →


Hello. I got this interesting article that really blessed and see the need for you also to read it.  "It is interesting to know consequently, there is a generation of people that is speaking in tongues on their way to... Continue Reading →

When Man gained independence from God 

By Akintoroye Yinka  To a large extent many advocates for freedom and personal independence do not take cognizance of the steep slope of destructive orientation and subtle cravings for self fulfilment by self imposition that occasioned their passionate struggle and... Continue Reading →

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