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MMM: The Church of God needs MONEY!

The Church of God needs to get the recent equipment to worship God! Few weeks ago it was reported that $5million was invested by Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo's church on Ponzi scheme, few days ago it was also reported that one... Continue Reading →

CHURCH! Keep open house in 2017

How long will you continue to sleep oh church? Why will the door keep being shut at all times. This is a new year and the Lord wants you to keep an open house. You have forgotten your essence, you... Continue Reading →

Shocking!! A Father sacrifice His Son for Love

What on earth will we call this? Is this truly Love or Madness? In the history of the world there have never been heard anything like this. Are you hearing what my ears is hearing? Today it was reported of... Continue Reading →

Not all Scabosh are Scabosh

This poem was written by a very good friend of mine, it touch me and think I should share: SCABOUSH is the appearance of being right with God. So NOT ALL SCABOUSH ARE SCABOUSH presupposes that not all ministers are... Continue Reading →


It is pathetic to see the Church loosing her saltiness. The madness of Church preachers is another thing worth nothing. How long will we continue this way! The Church is sleeping and it looks like the gate of hell is... Continue Reading →

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