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Love My heart raced when I heard I couldn’t hold my peace when I saw When I handled the reality of Love I doubt if the Church does the same Pity the world of her pathetic state Pity the Church... Continue Reading →

ASH WEDNESDAY: What you should know

To well appropriate Ash Wednesday is to keep in memory the words "Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return...Repent, and believe in the Gospel."  The name, Ash Wednesday was derived from the practice of blessing ashes made... Continue Reading →

The Christian who cried Abortion

The fable The Boy Who Cried Wolf chronicles the story of a young boy who, in his boredom, deceives his village into believing that the sheep have all been scattered by a wolf. After multiple cries, the villagers stop responding... Continue Reading →


When in the brightness of glory divine she basked, And the Sun of righteousness brought a healing glow When in deep joy her soul bathed, Surrounded by flocks of lovely saints When with God’s reverent fear she worshiped, And in her, wonders were... Continue Reading →

The Iceberg called Success

Oh! How attractive her corridor glows She attracts bubbles of ovation She command's standstill cloud of admirers A king in every domain she flood's She is the bedrock of influence But little do the crowd waving ovation know Limited is... Continue Reading →


The truth that we know in part unarguably highlighted by Brother Paul in his first epistle to the Corinthian church is quite revealing. Many who are blown away by the charismatic luminescence of their flawless and angelic preachers might not... Continue Reading →


By Arewa Boluwatife  "Action is the foundation key to all success." - Pablo Picasso  In other words nothing will come about without action, it's work that bring about true productivity. Not even luck.... Yea....I know you are still arguing with that...just let... Continue Reading →

Christianity in Nigeria is 145 years: How it has been!

As reported by Nigerian Tribune. After unsuccessful attempts to penetrate the Nigerian belief system, in 1842, the first (arguably) successful Christian mission expedition anchored in Nigeria’s faith logic. Through challenges with unity and leadership tussles, and commendable attempts to ensure religious... Continue Reading →


David Livingstone was born in Blantyre, Scotland in 1813.  He was born into a home where his father used to put him on his knees and read to him stories of great missionary exploits, particularly that of Karl Gützlaff, the... Continue Reading →

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