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Christians and the use of Social Media

Check out how you can use the social media effectively as a Christian.

EVERY CHRISTIAN IS A WORKER – God’s Mind for the workers day celebration

Whether you are a member of the workforce of your church or not, God sees you as a worker, for you are created for good works which must be carefully fulfilled; God unlike the various Employers we have in the world today does not underpay or owe His workers. Read more on the things God requires of you as a worker! Happy workers Day celebration.

All about Ash wednessday

In the early centuries fasting rules were strict, as they still are in Eastern churches, One meal a day was allowed in the evening, and meat, fish, eggs, and butter were forbidden. Read more on all you need to know about Ash Wednesday!


Doing things the way others are doing it will make us get the same result. There is need to be different by applying an extra effort. Read more on the tips for excellence!

The origin of Valentine’s Day celebration

Valentine's Day, a significant cultural, religious and commercial celebration of romantic love; celebrated annually on the 14th day of February, originated as a western Christian feast day, separated for the honor of an early saint named Saint Valentinus. This day... Continue Reading →

CHURCH OPINION: What Pastor Adeboye, Pastor Kumuyi and several ministers said about Christmas

Christmas is an annual festival that reminds the world of the birth of Jesus , it is primarily observed on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world. Christmas is a sacred religious... Continue Reading →

MONDAY DEVOTION: Stand with your convictions

And he released to them the one they requested , who for rebellion and murder had been thrown into prison; but he delivered Jesus to their will. (Luke 23:25Nkjv) Governor Pilate on the other hand cannot condemn anyone to death... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Christian Church International at 52

By Oladepo Oyindamola There had been cases of people wondering/asking if there was a Muslim church at the mention of the name of this great cathedrals . We've heard several bewildered responses like: "If not a Christian Church what else... Continue Reading →


And when it was told me that the Jews lay in wait for the man, I sent him immediately to you…….(Acts 23:30 Nkjv) This was the content of the letter of the Roman Army Commander to Governor Felix, the most... Continue Reading →

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