Anchor verse: The sun is glorious in one way, the moon is glorious in another way, and the stars are glorious in their own [distinctive] way; for one star differs from and surpasses another in its beauty and brilliance. 1corinthians16:41

At a point in time, we have all wished we were someone else, maybe someone like a friend or a neighbor who appears to be better than we do. But sincerely are they really better, is it not that those people are fulfilling their own purpose?

Our Anchor verse for this week explains that the individual has their own peculiarities and that we all cannot be the same thing, we are all endowed to shine but the degree and season of shining is what differentiate us.


While Speaking with Churchpalaba Grace and Bunmi shared their opinion on this matter and how they overcame the feelings.

I have sometimes wished I was someone else and the feelings was so great that it causes me depression but I later overcame when I understood my place and God and the purpose God wanted me to serve. So Christians should know their purpose.

Like seriously, I was wishing I am the daughter of a rich man and I pestle my father on when we are going to be rich, when he will get his own mansion and I feel so bad that I wasn’t but I overcame by the words of my father; he do tell me that God’s time is the best ‘I will soon get my own wealth’ and to the glory of God today my father has three houses.

The danger
Desiring to be someone else most times if not controlled has the ability to injure the God given potentials.
Those who spend their time wishing they were someone else will not discover themselves and as a result of this might later become a lifetime slave.

There is something peculiar and unique about you that others do not have, even if they do, your version is the best.
God is not purposeless, He has created every man to be a god(An authority, a representative of Himself) ; so, pick up the real person God wants you to be and shine in your place not coveting others.

Resist the deceit of the devil, discover yourself, begin to exercise the great potentials in you and become all that God desires for your life.