Technological advancements which has brought about the creation of Social Media- a means of sending and receiving information via the internet without geographical barrier has become a tool used against Christians.

Recently, a post that mirrors the harm done to Hussein Mohammed a Muslim convert because he made a public show of his conversion was published and Open Doors which monitors Christian Persecution around the world confirms that Islamic extremists now use the social media against Christians, they get to know every details via the social media.

If persecutors are using it as a tool Christians should as well make use of it as a tool for the wide spread of the gospel.

The use of social media by Christians should not be for boosting, the strength of the media in reaching an unpredictable number of people should be harnessed to show the person of Christ.

Asides from those who hunt for Muslim converts online, some set of people are being weighed down as a result of posts that hides our offline struggles.

Speaking on this effect, Damilola Edatomola a Public Relations expert recalls how one of her secondary school colleague who could not further her education to the tertiary institution called her over her Facebook posts commenting that God has not being fair with her.

“I was shocked by the message on her voice, it reflects a sad person, I as well felt very bad; anyways she did not know that I am nothing better than her.
she was better than me as at then because she was already running a fashion shop while I was fully dependent on family members.
I thought of the number of people who could have been following my post thinking I am already above them”. Damilola continued.

Essentially, developing a balance lifestyle online is important as we cannot encourage Christians to be mute on their various social media platforms but sincerity of heart can be adopted while making any post.

Before making any post online, Christians should do a sincere heart check – ask yourself if the post is for personal show or a means of expressing God.

Screening the content and reason behind every post will make Christians become powerful and fulfilling in their use of the new media.