According to the scriptures, God’s desire is to make His children dominate
Dominating in Nigeria today has being somehow winged to those holding political office and this is made possible through the process of Election.

Meanwhile, wining an Election requires getting the highest number of votes among others.
Should a Christian cast his or her vote for a non-Christian during election, having understood that every decision made by people in authority will have an effect on the state of the church?
Our respondents have these to say:

Opinion : I have a voters card and I will vote in this coming election. We Christians should love our neighbors and we should be able to cast our votes for fellow Christians. Though some people just bear the name ‘Christian’, their lives does not reflect Christ. In a situation of such, we can look out for other things in a non Christian candidate. However, I will say it is really good that we vote for Christians.
Though Election is not about religion it is about the people, how the people will be better. If a non Christian is in power, and the person performs well, Christians will be at peace and will be able to save more soul.
In any candidate that we will be voting for, we should check out for credibility. Also, we should check the background of that candidate,what history has to say about such a person. For example people with bad records, should not be voted for because history will still repeat itself. Another thing, we should also look into the people’s choice, so that at the end of the day we should not have ourselves to be blamed for the waste of vote.

Opinion : I have a voters card but I am not planning to vote because our leaders have failed us, those who are coming up and we think are new are not new because they have been in an office before and they have failed us. As a believer we should not cast our vote for an unbeliever no matter what, they cannot act the way we will act, even the Bible says that we should not be unequally yoke together with unbelievers. We Christians should pray to God and enquire who He wants for those public offices. Even though some people just carry the tag but they don’t really have the real Christian life, even though there are some non Christian that are better than those who tag themselves Christians. The major thing is to seek God’s guidance in voting.

Opinion : I have a voters card but I am not going to vote because of the distance. I am indifferent about voting for a Christian or non Christian More so, in a situation where there is no Christian I would be left with no other choice than to vote for them . My choice candidate might not be a Christian I have to support him or her. It is strength and competencies that we should look out for in any candidate, we need to check if they are able to do the task effectively.

Opinion : I don’t have voters card because I don’t have the time to go and apply for it. But as for me I can vote for a non Christian. Sincerely, no one is trust worthy , we only try to trust someone. We Christians have the right as Nigerians to vote and be voted for so, we can and should participate actively in politics.

Opinion : As a patriotic citizen, the religion of the president does not matter to me, I only consider what he/she can offer for the prosperity of our nation. However, recent developments have shown that our leaders strongly place religion and ethnicity ahead in selecting their think tanks. These decision makers and their decision goes a long way in affecting the religion they profess. It is therefore pertinent that a Christian President should be voted in as our next president.
Islamizing Nigeria is not a possible thing considering our diversities. However, a muslim president who believes in Sharia law would push for it by strategically placing fanatics in our education and judicial system. This is the the only way to systematically islamize Nigeria.
It is time for Christians to control the tides of this country by voting a Christian President.

Oh! God help us.
Please take your time to read through the interview with our resource person.
Honorable Bayo Aboderin, a father, pastor, Educationist, and politician has this to say in his own opinion:

“When we look at the context of democracy, we will see that government is the government of the people,( this means owns by the people) for the people (meant for the people) and by the people which means practiced by the people. From this, we can say it is not wrong to vote for a non Christian.

But looking into Nigeria system I will say that a Christian should not vote for a non Christian because those people will get the power from we Christians through our vote and they in return will use it against us. Making a Christian a Vice is still not making sense, Bill Clinton said and I quote, I hate all vice. The vice president or the deputy governor are just there as an extra tyre, they are there to function when the head is incapacitated. The worst Christian in politics is better than a chief Imam. If there are Christian candidates among the contestants, we should vote for them. A man of God once said something, if there is no Christian and there is no one you can trust, do not vote.

It is only in Christianity that we are not united, in the other religion they do defend themselves. Late Lamidi Adedibu said something about Christians, he said, Christians have the number but we are using it for them. The number in the sense that if Christians come together and decided to vote for a particular candidate that candidate will win. If Nigeria Christians come together, not minding the money, the interest and unite to produce one person. Christianity in Turkey is less than 1% while the Muslims are having over 90 % it was not so before, they were wiped out. And the same thing that the Christians in turkey were doing before they were eradicated is what Christians in Nigeria are doing today.
Politics started in the church, but at a time, some church leaders wrote against it claiming that it is dirty. In the book of Judges, all the tree went to meet the vine that it should be their leader but the Vine rejected the offer giving excuses of its responsibility and like that like that until they got to the bramble who later accepted the offer but gave a warning that if the trees fails to go with his rules fire will break forth from him and consume them all.

Those who rejected the leadership offer are the Christians while the brambles are the unbelievers. Christians should make themselves available to vote and be voted for, it is time for the church to rise and support a candidate They should see it as God’s assignment. Vice president does not hold the sword, the sword is in the hand of another man which can be used against him. Matthew 5 refers to Christians as the light of the world not of the church, the Bible also says that this world is a dwelling place for the wicked, the place of darkness, this means that we are expected to go into the world and be a light to them.

Having the mindset of not voting is not a good one, when we fail to vote for the right person we leave the wicked to rule. A candidate can win election by one vote and who knows if the one vote that will make the right person emerge is in your hands. The Bible says the kingdom of God suffers violence from the days of John the Baptist and the violent take it by force, this is what the Bible is saying , that the strongest person will get the kingdom of God. Seizing the power is not an easy thing, Jacob struggles with an angel throughout the night, if he did not struggle the change that happened in his name might not have happened.

I am afraid that If Christians did not arise now, this might be the last generation of Christians in Nigeria.
If this current government in Nigeria comes back into power it is having two major things : (1.) To kill because they will want to implement jihad and Sharia with full force and it is coming down to the south east. (2.) To take our lands for the Fulani for the purpose of grazing which will be by blood. He will also ensure that Christians are totally eradicated. So, except the Christians arise to unite .

For Christians, 2019 is gone because the two most powerful parties in the country have picked their candidates and they are Muslims. So we should get ready for 2023, the church should arise and present a candidate. Though the Muslim will not want Christians to be united, they will spend their money because they know that we love money. But if we can be focused and speak with one voice something will happen.

When Christians speak, they know we have spoken, the government is for us. A man of God said where ever there is an unbeliever in government it means that God is punishing us because government is not for them, it is for Christ, the Bible says the government shall be upon the shoulder of Christ not Mohammed.

Christians owns the government according to Isaiah 9.
Let Christian begin to participate in Christian association so that we can speak with a voice at the end of the day.

Politics is a game of number, the number a candidate has determines the success. When we have people, resources will come.”

Interesting, isn’t it?
Christians all over the world (especially in any country where a non Christian is leading ) are facing hard times, shall we not arise(do the necessary things) to bear that burden before God and men?
May the Lord have mercy on Christians across the globe. (Amen)


Please note that the view presented above are the opinions of fellow Christians and is in no way presented by churchpalaba for a sentimental cause.

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