Ministry of Defense in Israel sent out a statement on Sunday, saying it had started construction of an above-ground barrier that complements an underground wall aimed at preventing Hamas attack tunnels below the border.
The startle steel barrier is 20 feet high and will run the length of its frontier border with the Gaza Strip.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told journalists before the weekly cabinet meeting that the building of the above-ground barrier along the Gaza border started over the weekend.

The barrier “will prevent terrorists from Gaza from penetrating into our territory on the ground,” he said.
According to the statement from the ministry, “The barrier is similar to the one on the Egyptian border, but it has significant improvements and includes innovative security elements.
It was also included that the project will be completed by the end of 2019 and will cost approximately $833 million.

Israel accuses Hamas of using the protests as cover to carry out violence, including killing two Israeli soldiers, launching rockets and arson balloons.