Jim Howard, the pastor of the 7,000members-Valencia campus of the Real Life Church committed suicide after a long time battle with mental illness.
RLC Lead Pastor Rusty George said “Jim suffered in private with mental health challenges — some of which he bravely discussed in public — and was wrestling with some personal issues in recent month. This week, he made the tragic decision to end his pain” he said this in one of his posts on facebook.

“As all of us who knew Jim can attest, he was a wonderful man with a deep love for Jesus and a passion for sharing the grace of God with anyone he met. He was also a tornado of energy, always looking for new challenges and opportunities to minister to others,” He continued.
“He will be deeply missed by his family, friends, the RLC family and all those who were blessed to know him” church officials commented.
Howard is not the first megachurch pastor in California to commit suicide in recent months.
Inland Hills Lead Pastor, Andrew Stoecklein took his life last year, leaving his wife and three young children behind.
Some people refer to suicide as a national health crisis but it is the tenth leading cause of death in America today.

Let’s all beg God for our brethren in America.