Prayer is a general, lifelong exercise. It is believed to depict speaking with God.
The term Amen is often used after a prayer, this term is very common among Christians; even the non-Christians are not an alien of it.
Scarcely will you find someone utter some words of prayer without ending it with Amen, be it in the secret place or in the public.
We will not be wrong to describe Prayer and Amen as two sides of a coin that are inseparable.

The term Amen became an issue of concern because we recently discovered that some believers are coming up with some prescriptions on the use of this term. We should not have given it this large publicity as it could be resolved quietly without getting to the public but this matter is inseparable with prayer, prayer on its own is a means of walking with God and the general Christian public have to get it correctly.

Please take your time to read through the understanding some of our respondents have on the term AMEN.

Opinion : Amen means so shall it be, after requesting something from God or telling God about something, our conclusion should be: “so shall it be”. Though there is no biblical prescription to the use of Amen but people complain about how Amen is being said because of the way some people use it, but basically there is no instructions guiding the use of Amen.

Opinion : Amen is said after praying, it is symbolic to crown. Amen said with faith means it is done! Amen is also used as a name for Christ. According to the way Jesus taught us to pray we are to say Amen once, because after the prayer Jesus said it once. Revelation 22:21 also confirms it.
While responding to the question on the role and importance of Amen to a prayer she said : it confirms the prayer with answer.
She however believed that any prayer said without Amen is not a prayer.

Opinion : Amen means answered, it gives us assurance and makes us expect answers to prayers. As the Bible says that when we pray we must believe that it is answered and Amen helps us to profess our belief in God.
Amen should be said at the end of every prayers, that is what makes it a prayer.

Opinion : Amen serves as a seal to a believers prayer because Jesus himself is the meaning of Amen. It should be said after every prayer.
Saying Amen to prayers on social media is not bad, just as we can pray anywhere, we can respond to a word of prayer anywhere.

Opinion: well, Amen means Verily, truly, so be it. There is no prescription pertaining the number of times it can be said, we have places in the Bible where Amen is being said more than once,(Numbers 5:22, Nehemiah 8:6, psalms 41:13 ….)
Responding to prayers on the social media is the same in my own view to the church of Corinthians or church of Ephesians writing “Amen” back to Paul’s prayers written to them by Paul. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a response of confession of faith that they believe God for such Prayers they’ve read to be so. The word of God is the only true Word. Saying Amen to prayers that are not in conformity with God’s word is meaningless.
It’s God that does His Work, not our Faith nor our Amen. Our Faith and saying Amen is agreeing to the Work of God and receiving what He has done.

Opinion : I say Amen as a means to confess my agreement to a said prayer. In my church we do say Amen very well oo, we say Amen till the understanding of the prayer sink into our Spirit. As regards social media prayers and it’s corresponding Amen, I feel Amen without proper step inline with divine instructions towards the prayer is a waste of Saliva. Amen must be backed with corresponding action.

Of course, it has being established by most of our respondents that there is no biblical prescription to the number of times Amen should be said after a prayer.
As believers, we should be more particular about the content of our prayers and ensure it agrees with the words of God(scriptures).

Formalities, like the number of times Amen should be said after a prayer should be avoided.
Research shows that those who say Amen more than once or twice are expressing the level of their seriousness as pertaining the subject of the prayer.
Church Doctrine differs, but as members of the same body with Christ, we must desire something better than arguments.

Christ taught about prayers (Matthew 6:9-13) and Amen was the last word He said while teaching on how to pray.
Just like the way He said ….. Give us this day our daily bread (vs11) which means we should request for our needs, teaching us that we should ask for our needs. The same applies to Amen, He never said: “say Amen thrice or once”; He only taught us to say Amen.

Therefore, according. to Christ’s manner of prayer, it is important and necessary to say Amen after a prayer regardless of the volume.

It is in God’s power to give answers to prayers. So our faith must be drawn to Him even as we say Amen.