Micheal Brown and other conservative authors have come to the defence of vice president Mike pence and his wife, Karen, after movie star and pop singer Lady Gaga refers to them as the “worst representation” of the Christian faith.

Lady gaga whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta said during her Las Vegas performance : ” I am a Christian woman and what I do know about Christianity is that we bear no prejudice and everybody is welcome, Mr pence, you are a worst representation of what it means to be a Christian ”

The messianic Jewish radio host and conservative author, writes in an op-ed that Lady Gaga has the story about Pence’s school “completely wrong.” Brown said that the school is not banning a group of people but rather a set of behaviors.

“It is simply holding to biblical and historic Christian standards, forbidding certain behaviors rather than certain people,” Brown stressed.

Brown also notes that Lady Gaga has herself exhibited less-than-Christian behavior in some of her past performances.

“As far as being decent human beings, Mike and Karen Pence have a great reputation, as friends of theirs have told me,” Brown said. “They are not associated with any scandalous behavior — financially or sexually — and it is commendable, rather than contemptible, that the wife of the vice president has gone back to teach at a children’s school. How common is that?”

Brown points out that in the view of Lady Gaga, the Pences’ Christianity “represents oppression and discrimination.”

“From the viewpoint of the Pences — and hundreds of millions of Christians worldwide — it represents the extraordinary love of God, the indescribable compassion of the Savior, the matchless demonstration of the Lord’s grace,” Brown explained. “It speaks of a perfectly holy God who has the right to destroy each and every one of us. But instead, in the person of His Son, He comes into our world and — who could imagine this? — dies for our sins. That is what we call the Gospel.”

Lady Gaga has ascended to be somewhat of a celebrity spokesperson for the LGBT community. Brown notes that her widely popular song “Born This Way” has become an LGBT anthem of sorts.
But Brown argues that everyone is “born the wrong way” thus bringing the need to be born-again.

“We were born with a sinful nature. Disobedience came naturally to us. Pride and selfishness were ingrained. Lust and lying did not have to be manufactured,” Brown wrote. “Yes, all of us were born that way. Which is why Jesus taught, ‘You must be born again! You must be born from above!’”

The president of the Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina,Micheal J. Kruger, wrote in a blog post that Lady Gaga did not base her argument on the Christian faith because Christianity, for thousands of years, has been remarkably consistent on its view of sexuality.”

“So we are left to presume that Lady Gaga’s moral standards come from herself,” Kruger adds. “She creates her own morality. But if everyone can create their own morality, then why not Mike Pence?”