The spiritual leader of Christ Apostolic Church, Prophet Samuel Kayode Abiara has urged Nigerians to give thanks, “give thanks to God in every area of your life. Don’t cry, weep or kill yourself. If you sing to God and praise Him, you would reap signs and wonders in life. Don’t listen to prophecy of doom. 2019 is a year of happiness, be diligent in whatever you are doing and thank God always.” he said.
He said this while speaking at the 23rd annual Thanksgiving of Mutual Benefits’ Assurance held in Lagos.

He praised the chairman of the company Dr Akin Ogunbiyi for the mindset of praise he has developed over the years. “We were here when the company was 10, 20 and now 23 years. Ogunbiyi has always been thanking God and giving Him all the praises.”said the man of God.
“This company remained strong because God is the Alpha and Omega of the company. Note that there’s no company, person or nation without challenges but if you continue to give thanks, you will always see the hand of God.”
“Give thanks to God, and you will see miracles, sign and wonders. Thank God in times of challenges and attacks, you will overcome and continue to triumph.”
In his address, the chairman of the company and stalwart of the Peoples Democratic Party in Osun State, Dr Akin Ogunbiyi said his greatest testimony was joining politics without compromising his faith. “People use so many means to get power. But, I went into politics and did not compromise my faith and believe in God. God was and is still with me. This is my greatest testimony.”
“There were temptations but God sustained me. I keep saying to everyone around me that nothing will separate me from the love of God. Money. Power. Nothing! I thank God Almighty for the help. He added.