A medication is also referred to as medicine, pharmaceutical drug or drugs. It is used to diagnose, treat, cure and or prevent diseases.
The task of discovering and developing drugs undertaken by pharmaceutical companies is too great to be unnoticed, pharmaceuticals have exploded into a multi -billion dollar international industry today.
The term “drug” is not uncommon, it has found its way into almost every family in the world today including Christian homes.

Whereas, the Bible made it clear that our healing has being bought by the blood of Jesus Christ. Juxtaposing the use of drugs with this biblical believe can we say that we do not need to use drugs as believers, if Christ has paid for our healing why do we still fall sick, Is it possible to live a sickness free life, can we say that pharmacology is a divine wisdom from God? Answers to these and lot more were attempted in this report.

Our respondents for the week have some things to share.

Opinion : Sickness can be caused by the way we take care of ourselves, it might be as a result of improper care of the body; mosquito bites can also cause it. Sometimes, our believes can cause sickness for us, if we believe we would not fall sick, we definitely will not fall sick, for myself since the past 3years , I have not used any form of medication not even the common pain relief. Though it is not a sin to use drugs because it is God that gave those who came up with the manufacturing of drugs the wisdom to do so. It is also possible with God’s help for us to live without using drugs.


Opinion: As Christian, truly God says all that He created is good. But we have spiritual and spiritual sickness. For spiritual sickness we tackle it with prayers but physical sickness we tackle it medically. Using of Drugs is therefore not against God’s Will.

Name: MARY
Opinion : Sickness is somehow a general thing, God himself gave unto certain people the wisdom to come up with the thing we call drugs for the cure of those who are sick. Dirty environment and mosquito bites are the general causes of sickness but if we can get rid of all these I can boldly say that it is possible for us to live without sickness.


Opinion: God didn’t say you shouldn’t use drugs… When you have tried all your possible best using all you can use and there is no solution, you can now go back and rely on God… No matter how the case maybe.. You can still use your faith to believe that God can still heal you. With God all things are possible.

Name : DAVID
Opinion : God gave the wisdom for drug manufacturing so, I do take drugs. Many things can cause sickness since we are always doing one thing or the other everyday. Using drugs is not wrong and it is not a sin because God gave the ability, the Bible even recorded it that God gave herbs for medicine. Those that does not take drugs are not wrong, I believe that the human mind is very powerful, if anyone believes he can live without using drugs it’s all fine, but whenever we notice things are getting out of hand and it seems our faith is not working we should consult a doctor, God is not against that.

Opinion: Sickness may occur as a result of our weak prayer life, because a Christian that cannot pray will surely become a prey, so this may occur. And physically, someone might have been tested in the hospital to avoid taking a particular drink or food, so being disobedient to this might result into sickness.
I take medications but my believe isn’t in the drug that I take. I believe Christians don’t fall sick but can only be tired, we are meant to take dominion over sickness. So to prevent the body from tiredness or weakness I do take medications.

Opinion: Medications are not bad, it is used to cure us, God created the herbs that is being used to produce the medicine. in fact, pharmaceutical drugs is God’s method of healing us. It is also possible to live without sickness depending on our faith in God. The devil do cause sickness, stress can also cause sickness. What I am considering important is to know what God is saying concerning our lives per time, God might not permit you to use drugs and at times God can permit it, the most important thing is our relationship wit God and it must be taken care of.


Opinion: God want us to have understanding… If a person is so sure of his faith to heal him, then that is fine, it depends on how deep a person is in Faith. A persons believe will provide healing for him. It’s not that God’s power isn’t in existence like before but we have been cumbered with issues of Life. In my opinion, Many people are dying ignorantly, anybody that is sick should use drugs o but If we see someone that says he won’t use drug but rely on his faith will also do well. Our body is like an engine that needs to be geared up again after it has been used, and medicine can be a good way for that.

Name : DAMMY
Opinion: Lack of Balance diet, Unclean environment, Depression and Poverty can cause sickness. Using medications is not bad but Since I knew my name I have never tasted drugs until 2years ago that I was very down and almost died but I took drug just for a day and it was because of my condition (at the point of death) it is very possible to live without sickness because it is part of God’s promises that no Sickness or disease shall come to our dwelling place that means as long as God still keeps his covenant no Sickness will come near Us and even when we are taking any medications we need to take it with faith because if we don’t believe in what we are taking it cannot work.

Name: MARY
Opinion: There are numbers of factors that can cause sickness they are: 1. Environmental factors such as temperature, stress, weather etc.
2. Biological factors such as parasites, germs etc.
3. Hereditary such sickle cell, etc.
4. Spiritual factors such as the plaques that was sent upon Egypt due to their disobedience.
I won’t say its wrong or sinful to take medications but my faith rests on His Word that says I’m healed by his stripes. If I’m healed then the sickness is not real, God cannot lie. Those who take drugs are not wrong, neither are they sinners. I want to mention that during the time of Christ, there were medical doctors who could heal fever but Christ didn’t refer Peter’s mother-in-law to a doctor. He chose to heal her Himself. I have never advice anyone not to use drugs. In fact I encourage those who have faith in it to use it. This is because my divine healing by faith is a personal conviction and I won’t force it on anyone. At any stage when an individual sees it fit to turn to drugs he’s free to do so. But let our faith always be in God.


Drugs will not be needed If there were no sickness. The causes of sickness should also not be limited to God’s discipline. Of a surety, it is not in the intentions of God to make us(His children )fall sick, but at times God inflict sickness (diseases) on those who are disobedient , to correct them of their wrong actions . The psalmist confession in psalm 119:67 buttress this.

AMP:Before I was afflicted I went astray, but now Your word do I keep [hearing, receiving, loving, and obeying it].

As earlier stated sin is not the only cause of sickness. In additions to the causes of sickness mentioned by our respondents, Cancer Research in UK identified the following as causes of sickness : smell, taste, Anxiety, fear, depression, pain, Hunger, infections.
Isaiah 53:4-5 tells us with convictions that Christ has taken it upon himself to provide all that is needed for our peace and healing.

Obedience to God and His Commandments will make God take away sickness from our lives.Deuteronomy 7:12,15, Exodus 15:26 points this to us.
Jesus who heals the sick yesterday is the same today and forever and his intentions is to bring to us abundance of peace (Jeremiah 33:6)

However, God will not suspend certain laws of nature and will definitely not erase the need for us to take care of our bodies.
One of the common causes of sickness is lack of Rest. Rest is essential to the body, God himself exemplified this to us by portraying to us the need to rest when he rested from his works on the seventh day (Genesis 2:2)
Living a disease free life is a function of God and man. For every bible verse that declares God’s promise of good health to us there is an accompanying condition that we must fulfil.

Whether to use medicinal drug or not should not be the most important thing to a Christian but rather concentrate on his/her walk with God.
Dr William Saddler once noted that: large percentage of human suffering is directly traceable to worry conflict, immorality and but not limited to ignorance.
Divine healing comes through the exercise of faith in obedience to God’s word.
However , many are ill not only because of improper care of the body but also because of an unstable relationship they have with God which makes them vulnerable.