The term service can have different meaning, depending on the usage. On church opinion today, we will be referring to service as a function or work carried out for God.
As believers, we believe according to the scriptures that we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works that has been planned by God for us even before we were born.

Also, we believe that the individual has something unique called talent. Talents are natural skills and when it is natural, it is God – given.
In the church today, there are various departments that constitutes the workforce, some people belongs to more than one department while some do not think it is necessary to join anyone.

Is it necessary to serve God in any department, should talents influence the choice of those departments rather than God , is it necessary to seek God’s guidance before selecting a department for serving Him? These and many more questions were attempted by our respondents, enjoy the reading.

Name: JOHN

Opinion: I serve God in the choir unit, I started very small as a church boy, my choir mistress then is beautifully wonderful. When I got to the higher institution of learning I got to know that God is needing me more in music because he gave me certain instructions which convinced me that God is needing me more in music but at first, it was talent that drove me into music. It is good to wait upon God before becoming a member of any unit in his sanctuary so as to avoid working amiss. Though we can be a member of more than one unit, like myself I am also serving God in the Drama department but I know I am more of music, I am not saying people should strictly wait for any instruction before working for God but people should ensure that God is at the centre of it all. It should be God and God alone.


Opinion: I serve in the children department, though I did not receive any definite instruction but I can remember that my pastor advised me to start serving God in that department and I yielded, I also know that I am gifted in children’s ministry because I love children. Everyone that is serving God in any department should ensure that he or she is doing it for God and God alone.

Name: Moses

Opinion: I am a worker in the household of God, I am serving as a revivalist. People should endeavor to seek God’s face and know his mind before choosing any unit of service. I once met a lady, as at the time I met her, she was serving as a sanctuary keeper, those that cleans the church but I perceived she is supposed to serve God in the choir department because God has given her a ministry in singing that souls might be liberated by her songs, when I asked her why she did not join the choir department she said she was scared away by the expenses of the department by this she meant the cost of buying different choir attire but I encouraged her to serve where God is needing her and she complied.

Opinion: Though I joined the body of Christ not too long but I am yet to become a member of the workforce but if anyone in my church admonishes me to join any unit I will definitely join.


Opinion : I serve God in the choir unit of my church , I was not directly ordered by God before becoming a member of that unit, I just joined because I feel I am good at singing. But sincerely I will advise people to seek God’s face before becoming a member of any unit even though I did not do that but I know it is good.


Opinion : I am a cleaner in the house of God, I was not directed by God, it was just what I think I can do for God and I am doing it well.

Name : JOY

Opinion: presently I don’t really have a unit at which I am serving God in my church, the same thing applies for my school fellowship. I was once a member of the workforce but a point, when I understood God better, I knew he did not want me to join the work force He rather wants me in the secret place, and so I quitted the workforce even though some people thought it is craziness that I do not need to receive instructions as to serving God but I am double sure that I am doing what God wants me to do. So, I will advise Christians to be particular about God and seek to know specifically what He wants from us per time. The fact that everybody is in the workforce does not mean God wants me there, we should do things divinely.

From the words of our respondents, it is evident that there is a strife between talent and divine instruction as pertaining our choice of department for serving God.

Let’s read from the words of the man of God (consulted for this week )
I would love us to use the term working with God, because whoever works with God is definitely sure that he has God’s acceptance which is the major thing every worker should desire.
There are so many things that can earn us God’s approval among which is a cordial Godly relationship.
Talents are beautiful, but cannot take us far, so, it should not be a determinant factor in our choice of service to God.
Talents are given for a purpose, which needs to be discovered. Because talents can be used in the wrong way.
While assuming that talents of a man is one of God’s way of directing a Man, we should be careful so as not to misinterpret self instinct for the God’s guidance, our cordial relationship with God will help us out a lot on this note.

In the light of the scriptures, Jesus shewed to us from Matthew 25:14-30 that talents has to fulfill the purpose of making profit and we can’t make necessary profit if the love of the master is not in us; the love of the master is thereby developed by building a well balanced relationship with Him and by the Spirit of the master we will get to know where He wants us to serve him and bless lives.

God give us better understanding of His counsel for our lives per time.
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