Bishop James Olalekan Oyelade, the founder, presiding bishop and chairman board of trustee of The Christian Church international has enjoined everyone to join the wise and serve the Lord because the first set of people to worship Jesus were professors If to be related in this dispensation.

The man of God said this during his Christmas message tagged: “The wise worship Christ” during the Christmas carol service of the church held on the Christmas day at the headquarters of the church in Ibadan. He said;
“very surprisingly, as I read my Bible regularly, I saw that by the time Jesus Christ was born, it was the Wise men who first came to worship him. Those who will sing, sang. Those who will prophesy, prophesied, but to worship him first were these three wise Men. The record of Matthew have it that some wise Men came from the East. They were not fools, they were not unlearned neither were they uncivilized. Also they weren’t poor, they were very popular/prominent set of people. Who were known in their profession as professors. This implies that, any professor of any kind that isn’t involved in the worship of Jesus is very foolish. Just as David said in psalms that the Heavens declare the glory of God, these wise Men who have been secret learners, in understanding the communication of stars, were able to understand what the stars were saying at that time. These professors sought for Jesus, found Him, worshipped Him and afterwards gave him gifts.

“Anybody serving Christ with his riches or effort without adding Christ to it is lost, It is therefore paramount to first give one’s life to Jesus before giving possessions.” He added.

He further employed people to truly give themselves first to Jesus -Spirit, Soul and Body- before presenting their gifts, saying “a poor person who has Jesus is better than a king without Christ.”

He also emphasized that anybody serving God because of Money or position is not serving God but serving Mammon, he said this while lamenting on what the Christian body has turned into today in false worship.

God bless His Word in our Hearts

Merry Christmas!!