Dancing refers to body movements to the sounds and rhythm of music. It is one of the one thousand and one means of expressing our happiness and most times gratitude to God, the Holy God; especially during praise and worship section in our churches today.
Of course, there are different forms of music, ranging from Gospel, Fugi, Ragea, Blues, Hip-hop, Apala and the likes. This forms of music also differs in purpose, some for the praise of the Holy God, some to entertain, some to serve the purpose of awakening love in the heart of others.

Whichever way, Churches are supposed to be the gathering of those that acknowledge Christ as the son of God as well as are ready to accept his life as theirs; but it is shocking that Hip Hop dance steps are now employed in praising God in our churches today. Is this correct?
CHURCHPALABA was out during the week to know people’s view about it, enjoy the report.

Name: BOSE
Opinion : I don’t see anything bad in dancing hip-hop dance steps in the church since it is done to praise God. And moreover, it depends on how we do it, it’s not that it’s going to be too obvious but we will just dance it stylishly whenever the vibe comes and freestyle for God.

Name : TOSIN
Opinion: Some hip-hop dance steps are bad and some are not bad, like, you know one corner dance, that one is bad, it’s not good and shaku shaking, though I don’t dance it but I do love it when people are dancing it . For example, Tope Alabi the gospel Artist danced Shoki in one of her videos and when people criticized her for it she responded that her own Shoki is different, she named it “Shoki for God” so it depends on the individuals mindset and we also need to do it moderately.

Opinion: I praise God in anyway, since God searches the heart and not the physical appearance, it’s a thing of the heart. The way we praise God depends on how the individual understands God to be. Though, those who came up with the dance steps are sinners but if I do it that doesn’t mean I am a sinner because I know I am not a sinner. Even in my church, they told us to praise God the way we want to, with any style of dance even if it is shoki in as much as we are directing the praise to God.

Name: RUTH
Opinion : There is nothing bad in it, in as much as the dance are to praise God; we can dance any how since does dance are within the church, we are not going to club houses to Dance. Nobody knows the kind of dance David danced that made God answer his prayers. Our General Overseer even encouraged the youth to dance anyhow in the church only that they shouldn’t move outside the church he said this only to encourage the youth. I myself, I advance any style of dance step it’s just that I cannot dance MALWEDHE and to those that are dancing it let them ensure that they are dancing it for God. God will understand that the person is praising him.

Church: Winner Chapel
Opinion: When David was praising God ,he danced those steps to acknowledge God but then there was no name for a particular step,because we were told in the Bible that whenever he praise God he do rent his cloth and praise him with all his heart,,David was the first to dance those steps, you can dance them but it depend on your mindset about the step,if you think you are dancing legbelegbe,fine and if you think you are glorifying God with your steps no problem

Church: RCCG Akwa Ibom
Opinion: Songs as such are worldly, they are initiated from the pit of hell and inspired by devil to give singers money. Churches that permit such, are doing that so as not to loose members.

Opinion : Those kind of dance step is wrong and very bad. The origin is from the world and those that are dancing it cannot be praising God, you can’t praise God with Hip Hop dances, I don’t dance it.

Church: RCCG
Opinion: Hip Hop dance steps in churches is not good, if we say we are praising God indeed we shouldn’t imbibe the method of the world. As for me, I can’t dance it. In fact those youth that do dance cannot do it in the presence of church elders. May God help our hearts.

Opinion : Hip Hop dance steps in the church is not bad, in fact I dance it, it depicts happiness. I know I am praising God in as much as I am doing it for God.

Opinion : it is bad, praising God should be in a holy form. In fact in my church Angel Micheal will strike whoever that brings such worldly dance step to the church. Those that dance them do it stylishly. But the problem we are having is that all our pastors on churches today are imbibing the things and practices of the world into the church so that their members can increase.

Name: TOLU
Church: RCCG
Opinion: I do dance it, and I know I am doing it to praise God so it’s not wrong.
Praises to God is a thing of the heart.

Interesting, isn’t it?
This report will definitely be of no value if we fail to attempt answers to questions that has arose from the reported opinions. How do we praise God, Is there any approved style of praising God and most importantly, what can church leaders do to ensure that members follow the correct pattern that Christ laid?

Churchpalaba had a phone interview with a trusted man of God, during the interview, he expressed that the origin of Hip Hop Dance steps is corrupt and should not be practiced in the church but that majority of Christians today look for Bible verses that will be used to justify their lifestyle. He added that being a church goer or even a chorister does not qualify anyone to be a Christian.
He then advised Church leaders to return to the message of repentance stating that in so doing, the message of Christ will be heard and Christ himself will finish the remaining in the life of men. He also encouraged every Christian to stop looking up to the so called me of God as their pattern but to follow Christ which is the only pattern God laid for us, that through him we might get to him.
In the light of the scriptures, from Judges 6:26 God ordered Gideon to build an alter(worship) to Him in the proper arrangement and in John 4:24 Jesus told us that our worship to God must be in Spirit and in truth. These proves to us that not all worships are directed to the Lord, only those done In the proper, spiritual and truthful way will God reference; for the firm foundation of our God stands Sure and unshaken.

What’s your view? Let’s hear your own opinion in the comment box below.