And when it was told me that the Jews lay in wait for the man, I sent him immediately to you…….(Acts 23:30 Nkjv)

This was the content of the letter of the Roman Army Commander to Governor Felix, the most important and blessed word in his letter was the word “Immediately”.
Before this letter, apostle Paul had being earlier delivered by him of the Jews from Asia who stirred up men of Israel against him in the temple claiming that he teaches all men against the law (21:27-32). Later on, the Jews conspired against Paul with a great oath that they would eat nothing until they have killed Paul (23:14); but as wonderful as God will have it, Paul’s sister’s son heard of their ambush, he told Paul about it and Paul directed him to the Roman Army Commander whose action became a significant step that we Christians must learn to take.

It is evident that the commander took prompt action as soon as the information was relayed to him, he did not wait for another hour before taking the right step, he did it immediately.
As believers, we must learn to do things at their right time, it is called ready obedience, the Master requires this of all His followers.

Have you being led by God to carry out a task, or have you received an information from the Spirit? Be quick at performing it. Imagine if the Roman Army Commander had delayed in his action, what would have happened to our dear brother Paul, how would he fulfil his ministry in Rome?

Procrastination will rub us of progress, Career wise and deny us of Spiritual maturity.
As It is in the heart of God to give us good success in all we lay our hands upon it is also the devils interest to shatter the success through the tool of procrastination. Would you not avoid it?