I am heavy of words, I am burdened with the burden of the Church for Church leaders at this time especially for young ministers, Please do not consider the disguising care of the daughters of Lucifer. They will replace your Consecration with Fame, they will replace your Contentment with money, they will replace Miracle with Magic and little by little you fall off totally.
Most Ministers of the Gospel whom we see to have derailed today didn’t start that way. These were Men of God who carried on themselves Holiness and Devotion to God as an style but today what is left of them is the ministration of quick money. We see their church members to be rubbed of the consciousness that Christians are pilgrimage on earth rather they go about in every form of actions that is even improper by the world standard. And, the reason is a problem of their Wife.
Young ministers, won’t you be careful of that lady you are eloped to! These daughters of Lucifer has penetrated the Church, they have disguised themselves as children of light and have embraced children of God in their sleeping state. As time goes on, by affection they alter the Biblical perspective of the children of God and replaced it with another one which is no one. Won’t you awake thou Man of God and consider how you started?
Lucifer’s Daughter why disrupt the cause of God? Just like the strange wives of Solomon, you have turned the Heart of God’s servants to your idols. God’s Judgement is on You. Repent for your Calamity is soon if you refuse to let go of God’s children.
Church! Awake!… Young Brother look well at her, consider her ways, Ask God’s Spirit if She can be You. When you see her dance shakushaku once in a while, don’t let Love cover your eye. That kind of Love will lead you to the land of the dead.
 The Church of God is returning for the End-Time Revival. The Spirit of God will flush His Church until our Bridegroom comes…Amen
Lamentation of a believing Brother

I hope this help someone