The first thing I did was to listen well and be sure I am not acting wrong. What happened to me? Close to my house today, I heard a Church singing loud “You are my African Queen”.

Wait oo, I paused…Am I hearing well, is that song meant to be sang in the Church. To be more Sure, I left my house and move closely to know if the song is actually from the Church. So painful, Yes! It was.

I then went online to confirm the source of the song. This song was composed by 2face who happened to be an Circular musician in the world. I am still wondering Brethren. Is it that there is no song by Gospel musician that can be sang on a day of wedding that causes this or the carnality of the Church as a whole.
Haaaaaaa! What has befallen us in the Church. Why do we keep following the standard of the world. I remembered, few weeks after I wrote an article on “One corner Dance, a NO dance in the Church” I got a news that the dance is already On, in some churches whose name I won’t want to mention.
Is Christianity so boring that we enjoy not the company of the innumerable Angels and Trinity, that we have chosen to find satisfaction in what the world offers. Jesus! Please Save Us.
While I pray that 2face himself will be a follower of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the World, I must say that this is unbecoming of the Church.

 Hear! Fellow Christians, the Church is a place of Honor unto God. The question of every Good works in the perspective of God is a question of the source. Does the work indeed proceed from His Spirit?

We are the “Called Ones”, let our lives show it… No more should we make the world see us in their standard.
Help us Holy Spirit!

Lamentation of a Believing Brother.

I hope we see light in this