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June 2018

When Man gained independence from God 

By Akintoroye Yinka  To a large extent many advocates for freedom and personal independence do not take cognizance of the steep slope of destructive orientation and subtle cravings for self fulfilment by self imposition that occasioned their passionate struggle and... Continue Reading →

CAN, It’s time to Christianize Nigeria

A message has been sent across various online platform by an anonymous writer to the Christian Association of Nigeria to arise to the task of not just shouting about Nigeria being islamized but to take action via our enormous resource... Continue Reading →

Lucifer’s Daughter in the Church 

I am heavy of words, I am burdened with the burden of the Church for Church leaders at this time especially for young ministers, Please do not consider the disguising care of the daughters of Lucifer. They will replace your... Continue Reading →

ERROR: “You are my African Queen” song in Church

The first thing I did was to listen well and be sure I am not acting wrong. What happened to me? Close to my house today, I heard a Church singing loud "You are my African Queen". Wait oo, I... Continue Reading →

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