With heaviness of heart and sorrow for the church, of which I am a part,  I write this evening. What has befallen us as the Body of Christ? We all have not been able to align ourselves with the divine lifestyle that will bring God’s presence. God Save Us – your body.
I was walking along the street in my area, here in Nigeria, together with my Sister, a Church was holding her evening programme and all I could hear as the Pastor was ministering was “Aaaaaaaa!.. I hear You!” I was wondering what was going on.. To every statement the minister says, someone else with a microphone will exclaim “Aaaaaaaa!… I hear You”
I was baffled, I couldn’t even clearly hear a statement the Pastor was saying other than the “I hear you’ of the background minister.. I was like, what is the meaning of this.. As I discussed with My Sister on the note as an abnormality in the Church, my Sister told me of how the Pastor saw her and came to ‘toast’ her, she added on her friend telling her how she left that church because the Pastor was trying to sexually abuse her after abusing several females in the Church. I became more bittered.
Who has done this to Us that the Church tends not to have any form of dignity again…. Have Mercy upon us Jesus! Several a Church whose ministers are wolves and I wonder why the members still remain. Some even feel, if they leave the Church, the Pastor will place a Curse, they will need to bear for life, on them. The Fear of this keep them continually in bondage under such a Pastor.

Dear Christian! I hope this my write up will liberate you from such bondage. A Wolf is powerless if the sheep choose to remain with the Shepherd. Run to Jesus the Shepherd, No one can Curse who God is blessing. God blessing is with them that has confessed Jesus! John  20:29 Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.

Embrace Jesus properly, God himself have blessed you, You are free from any Curse soever.
Fellow Christian! Shall we not at once meet the Lord who is our Head to purge us from these dirt? Shall we not deliver as many we know in such trap from these Wolves?
Help us Jesus! 
We wait on You!!