God taught me a special lesson sometimes ago in my night dream and I believe the same applies to every Christian.

During my night dream, I saw myself spending alot, spending on foods and junks. I saw my Dad always available to give me my request.

Then, at a certain time.. I went to him for Money, him knowing quite well that I won’t use the money well, He declined.

I was surprised, when he told me he have no money to give me. Not too long, my Senior brother sent someone to get money for Him and he immediately succumb. Then I asked “why is this Man behaving in this manner today. 
I woke up and the understanding came to me that a child that doesn’t live for the business of the Father will not always have his needs met. We should understand that we are Redeemed to be Children of God and our existence henceforth must be to the Will of the Father.
Not so much Christians understand that the life we now live is a Life for the Master. The Church is presently a Militant Church and we are in the triumphing Battle in which we all must fight. So little do we forget to put God not just first but as our all in all. Only a Child that lives for the interest of the Father will have the fulfilment of the promise of ‘whatsoever you ask in prayer, ye shall have it’
2 Corinthians  5:15 And that he died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again.
God give us understanding as we understand our place, fit therein and die at our post.