I have several times experience a Rise in my walk with God and after some time a fall. I have gained Grace to tarry in the place of prayer for hours and I have felt a weakness in which even 5 minutes time with God is a struggle. There have been times the Holy Spirit strengthened Me to live a pleasing life for God and there have been times I fell for almost anything that comes my way. I remember times in which, only God matters to me but suddenly I will see an interest in me for Worldly pleasure. So, I concluded that there will always be a rising and falling in the Christian Race.

The Holy-Spirit recently showed me what makes me fall, It is something I call ‘Spiritual Contentment’. 

In the times my walk with God is Steady, I just will suddenly feel a Satisfaction to Rest for I have God. Little by Little, I tends to take prayer and the study of the Word easy. Little by Little, I starts interpreting God’s Word to Suit what I want. Little by Little, I starts seeing the Elders Message as outdated. Little do I know I am adding a inch to the narrow path and as times goes on, I see an excuse to cover my wrong doings. Of course, as will be expected, my life starts being disorganized.
Ennnn, True Revelation of God makes a Man humble under God always. True Humility is express in our dependence on God even to the simplest matter of Life. The Holy-Spirit makes me know that A Successful Christian life is in trusting God for Grace to live the kind of life pleasing to God on Daily basis.

It is the Life, that won’t feel his fellowship with God yesterday is superb and there is therefore no need to come again today for today’s Grace. This is a Spiritual Truth that I once knew knowledge-wise without the Life. 
Now! I request and cling on to the Holy-Spirit Strength on DAILY BASIS for Grace to Live a life pleasing  to God in every ramifications.