My Dear, maybe you happened to be in similar situation as I am. Maybe, You are actually afraid of what the future holds for you. Have there been times, you doubt if God really existed because He really does not seems to show concern towards you. If He is the Almighty and can truly do all things, why do I still suffer all things? Beloved! I also felt so.

I have gotten to a point where I felt, does God really cares? When it looks I am overwhelmed with troubles of Life, I feel if there can be help from Somebody, my attention is off God. Have you tried doing something and believed God it will work fine but it didn’t? So was me. 
The question is still similar to that of Jesus disciples, ‘Why couldn’t We?’ and the response still remain the same ‘Because of your unbelief’.

My Dear, If you could have much faith in the cloth you wear to cover your nakedness, if you could have much Faith in the Chair you sit on to prevent you from falling, how much more The Master of the Universe? Dear! Have Faith in God!
Let us together understand that it is the revelation of God that produces a lively Faith. Please tell me, have you ever doubted a cloth before putting it on? Fellow Christian,why should you doubt God. We need a renewal of Mind. Why not know God by studying His Word and meditating on what God can do. Disregard your feelings or previous experience, Have Faith in God. This is the Message!
I hope this help someone. 

Lamentation of a Believing Brother.