The Lord Jesus Christ promised his disciples before his ascension that they shall receive power after the Holy Spirit comes upon them. This endowment will equip them with the grace for the great commission of preaching, teaching and making disciples of all nations as they blaze through the lands in the burning of the spirit starting from their immediate environment unto the uttermost parts of the earth. God never intended that the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ be confined to some group of people, he wants all the world to hear of the good news which is the gospel of our salvation through the sacrificial life of Jesus.

Ye shall receive, get, handle power to be witness of Jesus to the Jews and gentiles everywhere scattered all about the face of the earth. But sadly, hardly had they received the promised power than they forgot it was not given to them to demonstrate Jesus reality among their own people alone. This is an indictment on the churches which only use the Holy Spirit gifts to brag in tongues, chant prophetic utterances and rhymes, sharing words of prophesy among themselves, while they have forgotten the great commission to go and preach the gospel of Jesus with the same power. The Church is not endowed with Holy Ghost power to have a nice time every fellowship time only, but to go and rescue the perishing folks, hopeless and hell-bound rugged on the dark stuffed streets. If not for God’s sovereign intervention like in the historical time of the building of the tower of babel the gentiles would have been very unfortunate till today. God allowed persecutions that scattered them and that every word separated from the concentration site of burning in Jerusalem might go forth to lighten fresh and dry woods somewhere else. The spirit of denomination if not put away from our midst has no good in store for the revival fire to come than to limit its coverage area. God listed the 120 disciples on the upper room in His immaculate wisdom to begin an ignition that will cover the earth with serious spiritual burning which the host of hell cannot be comfortable with. But, how with our little and tiny wisdom we do create an atmosphere for ourselves of a kind of specialty, royalty, or significance that other people don’t have that they might praise our beautiful and concise practicality in Christian doctrines, organization and uniqueness.

Brother Peter in Acts 10- was persuaded by the only wise and Holy God to touch the gentile’s world with the gospel of truth which God has ordained for the salvation of a God hungry and righteousness thirsty man called Cornelius and his family. But Peter was so strict on his bias view towards the gentiles that he thought God must be compromisingly manifesting when He commanded him to relate with the so to call unclean and uncircumcised heathen. Peter holiness seems to supersede Holiness Himself.

God has no favourite denomination or assembly among the redeemed, he only knows those who fear Him and serve Him in true holiness and righteousness no matter the Church they might be attending. In fact, Cornelius did not even have a Church or a temple were he worships God but his heart was already prepared to receive the king of kings rule and unrivalled governance

Bro. Peter was too slow for God’s move. God had to confirm to him that he means quick business with the gentiles also when it comes to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ by releasing upon them easily and bountifully His flaming Spirit of promise. Praise the Non-denominational God! HALLELUJAH! God doesn’t bend towards any man’s self-evolving opinions when it comes to fulfilling His eternal purpose and plan for man on earth. Peter and the other Jews were surprised at the quick move of God on their inferior race of men, who were not Jews.
When Bro. Peter returned to Jerusalem the forgetful and tradition blinded Jews contended with him concerning his ministration to the gentiles. Thanks be to God that Bro. peter was patient and meticulous enough to give the detailed account of the story to them, who knows, if he might have been stoned to death by this fanatics also.

Why should they still strife with peter even though God had done marvels through His manifestation unto that lowly gentile? They have laid in their hearts a barricade against the way of the Lord which God cannot condone. He has to work without them.

WARNING: Don’t confine the gifts of God and fire in you to your Church, because it wasn’t given to you for yourself and your church only but for the body of Christ. Therefore, let it blaze out on other brethren.

I guess that revival has never broken out from a denomination before, although I do not dispute the fact that many have ended up in one (where the fire was caged). God has in time past found one man, woman and some small group of people whom he injected with His fire haven picked them out of certain denomination to operate on a neutral platform for great impact and constant delivery until flesh might be permitted to lay and hatch the bitter egg of division in their hearts. Many believers who still pledge their allegiance to their denomination instead of Christ will be shocked to see God move in an unexpected way in this end time revival by going to the ridiculed ones, by-passing all other saintly religious churches, to ignite men for a radical militant campaign against the devil and his cohorts.