“I believe very strongly that there is a reason for my being elected as Vice President, and possibly the first born-again Christian, the first pastor to have been elected as Vice President. God is not the God of accident. He understands expertly what He wants to do. My role there is to add to the integrity, to do the right thing and make sure that we push our government in the right way. This is a golden opportunity for us as Christians. When the two of us agree on anything, the Lord our God will bring it to pass. Agree with me that our country will be great and our country will be great.”
These were the words of Pastor and Prof. Yemi Osinbajo who is the present Vice President of Nigeria. He said this at a funeral service in Ekiti State on Friday, Febuary 9.

​As there have been the Call for Christians to take political offices, let’s trust God that the Life of Christ will be seen and Nigeria will be a better place to stay.