​During the just concluded RCCG Holy Ghost Congress for Febuary, Pastor Adeboye has profer the Solution to Nigeria’s problem through Simultaneous equation as He led members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) to pray against people shedding blood in Nigeria, their protectors as well as their sponsors.

The Holy Ghost Congress which has participation in 198 countries through viewing centers has prayed for the killers and their collaborators to be exposed and dealt with.

As He led the congregation in prayers, He explained the view of the present problem Mathematically being a former Mathematics Lecturer before His Call into full time work in RCCG. The equations, according to him, are:

  • There are certain problems beyond man, There is no problem beyond God…Eqn 1
  •  Man can hide from his fellow man, No man can hide from God….Eqn 2
  • Security agents can be compromised, God cannot be compromised. His holiness is not negotiable and cannot be compromised….Eqn 3
  •  Man can sponsor evil, God cannot sponsor evil….Eqn 4

When those problems are simultaneously solve, He said, It’s just one answer; which is that “a prayer warrior is more effective than an activist”.

He described the correlation of answer to the tendency of enemies and some children of God to underrate the power of prayer. He then led the congregation in a series of prayers for the killers, people who connive with them and their sponsors to be exposed by God and dealt with.

In his main sermon, which was a continuation of the church’s sermon series, titled “stronger than the enemy,” the General Overseer, likened the problems of individuals and nations to mountains, which can be moved by faith.

He anyway has explained why he had not personally commented on the widespread killings in the country despite calls by people for him to speak out. Saying, He belongs to the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) ‎both of which have leaders who have spoken on the issues on behalf of their members, including himself.