Oh! How attractive her corridor glows

She attracts bubbles of ovation

She command’s standstill cloud of admirers

A king in every domain she flood’s

She is the bedrock of influence
But little do the crowd waving ovation know

Limited is the understanding of pool of admirers,

Shadows is but what they see

The crown they behold, but lost is the sight of scares that birth it.

Little do they know that the light they see, sits on the hills built by travels and triumphs over dark moment of proofing.

Oh! What a gyration of “rhythmless” bits  

Ah! The emptiness of a market without buyers nor sellers

The confusion of a man who want the roses, without paying homage to the thorns

A dance of shame, a meander around the pool of mediocrity

A discombobulation “offspringed” by outright “directionlessness”

For success, is a culmination of several fightings

It’s  a crown, which is only earned after several rounds of ups and downs.

It has her root deep in several groaning of sleepless sundown

What makes the Iceberg stand tall above the sea level, is buried in it entrenched fellowship with the deep waters

An intercourse of continuous shaping by the current of waters

Indeed the birth of anything valuable is usually painful

It’s a process, not just a one stand event

The above lines are a bleed of my thoughts, bubbles of  concerned emotions trapped within me

Permit me to ask….
What do you see today? What do you envision for tomorrow?

‘Cause in the long course, it’s not actually about who you are now, it’s about who you want to be…

It’s about the  Price you’re willing to pay for the Prize

For the hiatus between what is possible today and that which is obtainable tomorrow, is entrenched in your attitude towards fundamental progressive changes, an impetus to put in extra needed efforts, a drive to exert more pressure of self-discipline. Success is a conglomeration of many components, its embedded in the deep waters of constant growth.
It has been said that it’s only a fool, that does the same way, and expects different result.

The art and the ability to change is in the mystery of constant self – perfection and goal reaching. New information must be introduced to our cranium, if new behaviors are to manifest.

This is what change is all about

If we do not strive for inclusive growth, change and all-round excellence, we won’t be ready for the opportunities God gives us.

For success erupts at the crosscutting junction of preparation and opportunity.

Arewa Boluwatife