The revelation received by a Prophet and General Overseer of God’s Anointed and Blessed Church International, Ondo State, Pastor Toye Ebijomore has indicated that President Buhari might still be the next Nigeria’s President. He talked about APC government, Kogi State governor and God’s rejection of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar as Nigeria’s next President. 

According to him, “I inquired from the Lord of what the year 2018 will be for us in Nigeria. He made me saw thin people having fats on their body and short people becoming very tall and everyone look glossy in the skin. But, some later became thinner and shorter and very dry in the skin. Then, I heard that year 2018 shall be a year of Restoration and Greatness for us. But everyone that forsake the way of the Lord after the blessing shall become scornful objects in the public.

“I saw the Lord sitting on a throne and his ministers came round him on Nigeria issues. I said, O Lord, glory to your name for all you told me last year came to pass. President Buhari was rushed out of the country as you said through me. In the month of November, Atiku Abubakar left APC for PDP and I guessed that fulfilled the prophecy you made me said that somebody will rise against President Buhari and prevail in the month of November. Does that mean Atiku will be the next President? I heard, ‘no. He is not among them that will be President of Nigeria.

“Then, I asked will Buhari be re-elected? I was told to see and I saw smokes in the heavens from the earth and a candle light in the midst of winds. The Lord said, the smokes are the sacrifices of my Servants on the earth which they made to me for his consideration, the candle light is the President and the winds are the troubles he (the Lord) will permit to take him away at anytime that my Servants cries to withdraws their sacrifices.

“I saw the PDP Chairman, Secondus, quarreling with everyone around him and they were all trading blames. He will be disappointed with the attitudes of his members.

“I saw Odigie Oyegun as a driver of a fully air-conditioning bus loaded with notable people, but they were all sweating profusely and his driving caused an annoying hold up until another person took the driving from him. APC will meet needs to change some of its officers.

“I saw that sudden sadness towards the general election that caused for an emergency meeting of the political parties in Nigeria. We must pray to avert it and the merciful God will surely hear us.

“The governor of Kogi State will have a son born with a scroll on his hand written on both sides with lamentations. Fervent prayer against sad occurrences must be urgently organised for the Kogi State politicians,” he said.