“SIN IS DEAD, there’s no sin in the world again, whatever a man does is an act, Christ has taken away the sin of the world” After reading through various views about the topic on Sin and arguments that has been going on the social media to this regard. I see the need to choke my mouth a little. 

I discovered that the major problem is still this three-letter word “Sin”. Sin has been a major challenge since the fall of man. And many today are looking for a way to cut it off, overcome it or if possible change the name. As a believer, the conscience (one of the functions of our spirit) is regenerated during the new birth and voices out against sin. Because of the guilty our conscience brings.  The Bible has been explicit in saying: IF a believer sin (note: “IF” not “WHEN a believer sin” cause a believer isn’t expected to sin for he cannot intentionally sin), various doctrinal errors, and many so-called believers (which you may wonder if they are born again at all; or perhaps fallen out of the Faith) have reviewed the Bible over and over again, interpreted the bible to soot their taste, to see how this matter of sin can be done away with. Many even give it another name, another perspective, some say “it is a mistake”, “it is transgression” and finally we are hearing it again, “SIN IS DEAD, there’s no sin in the world again, whatever a man does is an act, Christ has taken away the sin of the world”. What a sweet and friendly doctrine. So, if a man kills now, it is not a sin, it’s a mere act; God doesn’t call anyone a sinner. I have read a lot and I pray this error won’t have a place in the Body of Christ. It won’t, cause Jesus is not asleep over her Bride. The problem of these guys is that they haven’t seen their victory over sin. They never believe that a Believer CANNOT sin. They never believe that it is possible to live on earth even after professing Christ without sinning again. I count this as still unbelief. I regard this as lack of understanding of the message of the Cross. Let me also say that it is not God’s intention that we keep falling and rising. But if you have professed Christ and you are struggling with sin, don’t be intimidated, there’s a provision in Christ IF ANY MAN SIN.
 I appreciate many posts that has talked about this but let me just come from an angle that stroked my heart after going through a particular post today. I asked myself this question, HAS THE GOSPEL LOST IT’S POWER TO SAVE MAN FROM SIN? Why will a believer still believe that after salvation, he CAN still sin? Is this how it was from the beginning? We have read the account of the early apostles, after their encounter with Jesus, they left their all and never to return to their old way of living especially when the Spirit came. We have had God’s generals who did exploit for God and it was difficult for men under their anointing to continue living in their sin they have repented from. What is happening in our days that someone who claim to be born again two weeks ago, still fall back to the same error Jesus just delivered him from. Well, before I discuss this matter SIN IS DEAD, I think these areas must be settled first because this birth to that doctrine.
The Gospel is the only method and the power of God for changing men. The centrality of the Gospel is the Cross. When the Gospel is well preached under the unction of the Holy Ghost, there is a miracle of conviction, brokenness and repentance that occur in the lives of the hearer. Salvation is a miracle; it is a revelation of the Gospel. When the gospel through the influence of the Spirit starts it’s work in a man, it starts from the spirit of the man; then with the soul until finally with the body during rapture. 
The first challenge I want to point first is that, most believers struggle with sin simply because of the gospel that they have received. The message of the Gospel is a foundation for our Christian building. If the foundation is not well laid, the building will be cracking and if care is not taken with time, it will collapse. That’s why we see many turning out of Faith today simply because the foundation wasn’t well laid.
Secondly, after the foundation has been laid, another challenge is that, many remain there without been built up in the Faith they have received. This is the major challenge of young converts today and the omission of the Church and missions. Many hasn’t learnt Christ before they jumped out. Many didn’t know that it was their spirit that was regenerated, there is still a place of the soul to be worked on. Many don’t understand the gospel properly, why they need salvation in the first place and why they were preached too. Many believers don’t know that Sin, which is their old nature is dead (1John 3:4-8, Rom 6: 3-6).
...to be continued 

By Adeniyi David