By Arewa Boluwatife

I write this not to everyone, but strictly to the young at heart, because this truly stems out of a concerned and burdened heart of mine…

Freedom, they say originates with the crying of the heart, but absolute liberty is a product of the “working” of the hands.

Nigeria is like a nation with Cry’s and bleeds in her heart. The saddening thing about this, is that she’s never ready to convert and transcribe this heaviness of heart into liberty that comes from the hands.

Oh! What a pitiable state, little did she care to know that a cry on its own is incapacitated, it can do but nothing, until it’s accompanied and vitalized by holistic “workings”.

Arise O’compatriots, for that’s the reawakening sound, nothing can be achieved in the southing but yet derailing sitting and wailing position.

We the youths must stand to our feet now, Yes! There must be a rising now, because the future is now, tomorrow that has always been the theme song since our kindergarten is here already.

This is the time of our apex strength, this is the time of our glory, this is the time to arise, this is the time to take our rightful place in the equation of responsibility.

Standup and cause forth a change in that your little sphere of influence, Yes! That is where it all begins. Because it must be noted that their can’t be a shinning without a rising.

Arise, and then you can effectively shine the light.

This reminds me, of one of the greatest minds that crossed this horizon named earth. Martin Luther King Jr.  said;
Be a bush if you can’t be a tree.

If you can’t be a highway just be a trail path.

If you can’t be the sun be a star.

For isn’t by size that you win or you fail be the best of whatsoever you are.”

“We must keep moving, we must keep going,

If you can’t fly, run.

If you can’t run, walk.

If you can’t walk, crawl.

But by all means keep moving. “

This is the most important and crucial period of our life’s, for what we do now or decide not to do at this youthful age of ours, may well determine which way our life shall go and ultimately determine our faith and that of our dear nation.

I strongly believe that it the small nucleated, invisible efforts, that cause ripples ground breaking trans- generational positive effects. We can’t just but sit down and do nothing, even in that our limited sphere of influence.

Enough of this central focus on the oil that flows beneath our feet, but let there be a paradigm shift to the oil that flows from our heads.

Permit me at this juncture, to ask these simple but mind provoking and bugling questions, which I often do ask myself, and I do not intend stopping anytime soon. But please let me make an unfeigned plead; be sincere and pragmatic enough to genuinely ruminate intently on them. If not to anyone else at least be true to yourself;

What actually do I have to offer as a person?
Do you really have what it takes…enough of this appeasing sympathy and empty noise. Does an average Nigerian youth have or is even ready to pay the needed sacrifice of learning and threading the path of true excellence and revolutionary leadership?
What informs my ideology, what is the narrative of my value system?
You know…in my personal opinion, one of, if not the foremost subtle dilemma our dear nation is faced with, is lack of structured value system, in fact the shaky ones we claim to have is fast decaying, if not totally rotten. So the mindset and ideology of an average Nigerian young mind is disoriented, misinformed and corrupted.

My heart bleeds, when I sometimes sit and ruminate about the status quo of our generation, at times I get overwhelmed and scared for us, than even the present ruling cabal, that we all lament about. Because you will be put-aback when you sample the mindset, ideology and value system of the young populace.
This then get me to ask myself, will history not repeat itself, if these are the set of minds to take charge of the nation’s affairs?
Nigeria is at a critical avalanche in history, she dearly needs the emergence of a new breed of true leadership that can see beyond personal pocket aggrandisement, a new breed of young minds that will dear to rise beyond the impounding wasped ideology and starved mindset of the ruling class. Leaders who believe in the true and great Nigerian dream, with God inspired vision of a new nation that incorporates the fundamental right of the people.
Do I have a proper, solid and a sound blueprint?
Most of us are trying to construct our lives and make a mark without any real thought of planning. We are like a contractor who is trying to construct a building without a proper blueprint.

As a result, our lives are out of balance, unreliable, without any purposed direction nor impact. In fact, if we would be reflective enough, we would agree that we are not just doing enough to contribute meaningfully and effectively to our immediate world.

What are you consuming now, how well are you strategically developing and positioning yourself?
In simple language the best investment you can make, is in investing in your personal development, because that is what will make you fit and equipped and prepared when opportunities show forth. Because it’s the quality of what you have in you, that determines what you can deliver as a person even in leadership positions.

2018 is here already, but beyond the celebrations and the hullabaloo….
If actually we want to be successful as individual and generally as a nation, we must prioritize growth. We must rise and grow into the persons we wish to become, to reach our full potential growth cannot be overemphasized, and to grow, we must be outrightly intentional about it.
We must stand and see beyond what is obtainable now, we must envision a New Nation….but for this to be visible we must all rise and stand at our various strategic positions, yes some of us will cause forth the transformation via political ladder, while a greater number of us will be instrumental for this movement in our various capacities.
But it all boils down to the fact we will have nothing to offer if we are empty ourselves, if our ideology and value system is crippled…

Youths are the Strength of every nation, As a Christian Youth, let your light Shine!