Who will prove to me that God is not a Lier? 

People of the earth! Please come help me judge this: I have been a Devoted Christian for over a decade, having been baptised in the Holy-Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues. I read my Bible and Pray everyday, I give alms and carry out every responsibility assigned to me BUT there seems to be no positive change in my life. My Finances and Marital is shameful.

Sebi, they do say “God does not lie” but why does my life prove the statement to be false.

In tears and annoyance, I confronted God with several days of fasting proving to Him how obedient I have been to His instructions and He answered… “My Words says If you be WILLING and OBEDIENT you will eat the good of the Land”

GBAM! My eyes opened and the understanding came that to avenge every disobeying situation in my Life, my obedience must first be complete. I then remembered, my errors in sluggishly going for evangelism. I remembered, my service has never sincerely been from the heart but by follow-follow, in eye service!

My deliverance is in the Truth that as I rightly apply God’s Word in willingness and Obedience; lines will fall for me in pleasant places. 


…composed story

 Happy Sunday