Pastor S. G. Elton spoke prophetically in 1983 that Africa is like a gun pointed down. Its turret and muzzle is South Africa. Its trigger is Nigeria. In those days, he said the Gun of Africa would begin to fire for God?s purpose.. Nigeria destiny is ready to be fulfilled! 

According to a recorded prophecy by intercessors for Nigeria, A visiting delegate from New Mexico USA spoke about visions of black men that God was giving him while he was in his home country. When he asked about who the black men where, The Lord he said explained to him that these black men where Nigerians. He had never visited Nigeria before and the Lord told him he will soon take him there because the nation Nigeria was a nation he planned to use in revival. He then spoke on in prophecy.? Thus saith the Lord- Nigeria and Nigerian Christians will be used by the Lord to preach the gospel in the market places of the World in these last days.?

As Chad Taylor prophesied about Africa saying “Africa awake to your destiny! For from you will come a company, a troop, a brigade; they will march with a blazing message of my love! They will march to the steps of destiny and they will bring a Word from the Lord to the uttermost parts of the earth. From you O Africa will come my generals, and my commanders. From you will come a company of prophets that the earth has yet to see! You will prophesy to the winds of the earth and they will carry the life of my word to the nations.”

“Arise Oh Nigeria! Saith the Lord, Arise from the North, Arise from the South, Arise from the West, Arise from the East. The season of incubation is past. The day to hatch has come and I the Lord bring upon you a visitation, my marked visitation.? Even though you have not known me, yet I have chosen you. In this day I pass through your land in mercy to renew the face of the nations. Even though the nations are despising you, I have desired you as a place for my glory. Therefore, I the Lord have jealously watched over you to cause my purpose to be done. I have brought you to the valley of decision. There is no time to waste. Arise as a generation for, I have waited for you. I will desire of you genuine dedication. I the Lord will make my demands. But I seek to raise out of you a generation of men who will make my glory known in the ends of the earth. I have purposed it, I will do it. But I ask you to arise. Arise in this day, there is no more time to wait. Arise, Arise, from complacency, Arise from ignorance. Know me the God of destiny. Know me the God of covenants. For I seek to exhibit you to the world. I have come. This day do I desire a commitment from you. I desire not to wait any longer. My time has come and you shall labor in the nations to bring up children. Therefore, arise into this destiny for the world waits for you saith the Spirit of the Lord?”… (Prophecy, IFN, Core East Regional Conference, Onitsha, 27/1/96)

Nigerians! Shall you not at this time key into prophecies for your Life and enter into your Destiny?

Awake Nigeria.  Happy Independence!