Today, it looks like the church of God is being put into a tight corner as to the code of governance in the church which has led to the retirement of Pastor Adeboye of The Redeemed Christian Church of God. This action by this reverend Man of God in anyway contributes to the well being of the Church. Five notable ones will be pointed out here:

1. In a country where the church looks timid, the church will be more strengthened and be able more effectively to voice every opposition that has been facing her in previous years especially in the area of persecution.

2. The body of Christ will come together as one under God to solve this crisis, as heads of churches sit together on what to do, thereby fostering unity in the church.

3. Where there are cases of ‘business centers’ positioning themselves as churches to exploit members, the laws will be regulated to see G.O’s do not ride jets when members can’t even afford one square meal.

4. As much as the church obeys government regulations, the government in consequent times will be cautions when trying to make decisions that concern the church.

5. Enemies of the church are being uprooted and more antagonists to the church will be removed.

God is working all out for good!!!