As the new year begins, there have been several prophecies by many men of God (as we know them to be) across the nation. As published by various forums, blogs and social pages like Niaraland, Naija news and others, some of the prophecies for 2017 states:
“A year a lot of prayers are needed for nations that show no respect for the Bible”
“President Buhari’s health needs attention”
“There will be quite a large number of weddings”
“Serious prayers to avoid unprecedented commotion on the earth, manifestation through earthquake, hurricanes, etc.”
“Don’t hate anyone. Is like digging the grave.”
“I see kidnappers entering schools”
“Nigeria will lose a great man of God and the New Year is when the Nigerian government will fight the Church like never before” and many more.

Some Nigerians anyway has not agree with most of the statements as prophecies. Hear what they say:
“Can you save us some of these stories please. Seems we can’t do without mundane gossip. Telling me what I know or drawing conclusion from events around us is no prophesies. For those who say God said when God hasn’t spoken rethink your FRAUDPHESY”
“Dear minister, You need to be specific on your prophecies”
“Where is the prophecy in this talk? General statement of normal things to happen in a year.
“These are not prophecies but decrees.”
“These predictions are NOT peculiar to a particular year and won’t be”
“This is the new format so that what happened during USA election wouldn’t repeat itself”
“Dear Nigerian pastor,This scam is getting expired. There is a growing number of Nigerians that are beginning to wake up to know that most of you are all scam. ”
“We all know it’s stated that time shall come that gov’t will oppressed the people on earth” “Wonderful man, I think he is bias. It seems for people he does not like he predicts evil without saying prayers can avert it.”

Nawa oo…
Everyone with his own opinion. God’s Word alone is final.