Do you still remember this controversial Zimbabwean leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri a.k.a Major 1, who is known for his “special” miracles and prophecies.
A man’s jacket has been burnt with fire from above for doubting the miracles being performed by the pastor in a church service yesterday.
The Church press statement reads:

Miracle Sunday LIVE: Don’t challenge God…

“As the man of God continues to minister and demonstrate the power of God, something out-of-this world takes place.
A man runs forward screaming and asking the God of Major 1 to forgive him. To the surprise of many, this man holds up a burnt jacket. He notifies the masses that he was doubting the things that were taking place in this place.

In response, fire from above, came down on him!

Readers worldwide, the things of the spirit can only be spiritually discerned. Do not challenge the power of God, He is in this place and He is scheduled to touch your life”

Here comes the wisdom for the Church…