Persecution of Christians is a sign of this End-times. It happened again as Islamic radicals from the Boko Haram terror group in Nigeria attacked and burned the villages of Kuburumbula and Boftari in the Chibok area, killing at least two Christians.
“For the second week in a row, we are mourning the loss of Christians in Nigeria who were murdered by Boko Haram militants. This string of attacks has us deeply concerned for the safety of our Christian brothers and sisters in the Chibok area of Nigeria’s northeast,” International Christian Concern’s Regional Manager, William Stark, said in a statement.

Stark noted that Boko Haram’s new leadership under Abu Musab al-Barnawi has vowed to increase its attacks on Christians in recent weeks, which has sparked new worry among the Christian community.

ICC said in its report, however, that locals saw a Christian man in Boftari who was tied up with a rope and slaughtered in front of his wife and children by the jihadists, while another Christian man was killed in the fighting in Kuburumbula.

The villages have suffered greatly at the hands of Boko Haram. Approximately 47 of the Chibok girls that the militants kidnapped in 2014 came from Kuburumba.

The parents of the girls have refused to give up hope that they will see them alive again, but have also lamented the fate of their children.
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God help us as we arise and defend this faith.