STUDENT CONGRESS 2016 IS HERE! The Revival Labours: PEACE HOUSE holds her annual student congress from April 28th to May 2nd, 2016 @ km 21, Gboko, Benue State.


“In 2014 the Lord allowed us to hold the National Students’ Congress on the theme: “Built, established and furnished for the kingdom”. That Congress focused on the crucial preparation for your life for the future God has promised for you. We looked at the right way to build such a future and what must be established as a base for it. We also looked at the appropriate furnishing required of you to fit into such a future. In 2015 when we met with only Christian Students’ leaders, we examined resourcefulness, Resoluteness, Resilience, Relentlessness and Responsibility as essential requirement for dynamic, productive and effective leadership. This year, as we waited upon the Lord we perceive that the day has dawned and the sun is risen upon you for palpable exploits; hence the theme: THE SET TIME FOR YOUR EXPLOITS.

Time is like a burning candle that reduces with every passing hour. As a student you must be familiar with the use of time in your daily academic pursuit. Time once spent can never be retrieved. Between the times you were born and when you die, lie the tasks that will make up your history here and will also affect you in the life to come. It is therefore expedient that you engage this day that is set before you; which is your time for exploit.

You are uniquely placed to set agenda for the future, to do exploits, which those stricken in years cannot. It is now time for to rise and do exploits; like Daniel who “purposed in his heart not to defile himself”, Esther who took her life in her hands and said “if I perish I perish” and Ruth who exercised great faith in the God of Israel saying “your God shall be my God” and following an old woman to an unknown land of Moab.

God can and does use men even in their old age but for significant exploits He goes for the young. So we dare say to you THIS IS YOUR SET TIME FOR EXPLOITS. So arise at once and shine for your light has come.

This meeting must be your priority. Work out your schedule to attend without fail. The registration, feeding and accommodation will be free as the Lord provides. Just find time and come along with your Bible and notebook to sit down at the feet of the Lord.

God bless you.

Brother Gbile Akanni “